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Dublin 4    

Dublin 4 has become one of the most sought after Irish bands in California they have also been performing at numerous fairs, festivals, theaters, weddings, corporate and private events.

       Together now for about ten years, Dublin 4 is immersed in traditional music. They have developed a unique style and song list that includes material that is rarely played to fans of Irish music. As a result of this, one of their greatest rewards is having the opportunity to play in front of new audiences at shows where an Irish band normally wouldn’t have even been considered.

Seeing Dublin 4 live brings an infectious energy that loyal fans crave. After a recent pub show, a fan noted “That was the best pub concert I have ever been to.” The music is strictly traditional in style. They have a clear vision of what music they play and how they go about their craft. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “More authentic than green beer and as rich as a pint of Guinness.”