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Dublin 4 CD Discography
Dublin 4 have had four CD releases over the past nine years or so, with a fifth release coming soon. It's interesting to note that the first two CDs are no longer available due to the cd duplication house going up in flames along with our masters.

Bang Bang Shoots the Busses

The fourth Cd see's the wonderful Melanie Nolly join the band on fiddle. CD artwork by John O'Hea, photos by Paul Carr, produced by Dublin 4 and recorded and mixed by Michael "Gus" Agostinelli.
1 The Mero, 2 The Swallow's Tail/The Gravel Walk 3 Dirty Auld Town, 4 City of Chicago, 5 The Marino Waltz, 6 Nova Scotia, 7 The Mason's Apron, 8 Leaving of Liverpool, 9 Seven Deadly Sins, 10 The Banshee/Mountain Road 11 Go Lassies Go, 12 Barney's Reel, 13 The One Road, 14 The Glasgow Reel/Timor the Tartar.

There Ye're

This CD came about with D4s manager Simon joining the band on guitar and vocals. Photos by Paul Carr, package by Design Studios and produced and engineered by Michael "Gus" Agostinelli.
1 Reel of Mullinavat/Star of Munster, 2 As I Roved Out, 3 Whiskey in the Jar, 4 Fields of Athenry, 5 McAlpines Fusiliers, 6 Black Velvet Band, 7 Farewell to Erin, 8 Those Were the Days, 9 Rock All, 10 Ordinary Man, 11 The Drunken Piper, 12 Banks of the Roses.

Dublin 4

The second CD was a long time coming as Tony left the band to return to Dublin and D4 stoped playing for a while. They got going again and soon released this. Photos by Dave Malykont, CD design by Ethan Malykont and recorded and mixed by Steve Genewick and Alan Harano.
1 The Ferrymen, 2 Fermoy Lassies, 3 Mountain Dew, 4 Black and Tans, 5 Cod Liver Oil, 6 Monto, 7 Uncle Nobby's, 8 Drowsy Maggie, 9 Irish Rover.

Traditional Irish Music Jigs and Reels

This was D4s first CD with original member Tony O'Keeffe on vocals and guitar. Cover photo by Dave Malykont, back tray photo by Paul Carr, recorded by Alan Harano and sound engineered by Simon Quinn.
1 Black and Tans, 2 Cod Liver Oil, 3 Monto, 4 Uncle Nobby's, 5 Drowsy Maggie, 6 Irish Rover.